The MHHP (Mental Health Helplines Partnership)

The MHHP exists to support mental health helplines to develop capacity, access, choice, quality and governance.

Nightlink is an Accredited Member and Darren Bottrill (Re-Gain Director) is a Director and Trustee of the MHHP.


ILCM (Institute of Leadership and Community Management)

The ILCM develops community leadership and capability through a quality accreditation program. Re-Gain has passed all elements of the ILCM accreditation process.

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THA (Telephone Helpline Association)

The THA works with helplines to achieve the highest quality response to all those seeking information, advice and help on health, social welfare or educational issues via the telephone and other interactive technology.

The THA was instrumental in the development of the MHHP.

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The Primary Care Trust funds the Nightlink and Sanctuary projects.

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CRCC (Cornwall Rural Community Council)

The CRCC financially managed the Nightlink and Sanctuary projects prior to the formation of Re-Gain (Cornwall) C.I.C

The CRCC run the Mental Health Forums and manage the EBE (Experts by Experience) Quality Standard that Re-Gain is accredited by.

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